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13 requirements for electric heating boiler2016-10-11 11:44:22

      With the further opening up of the electricity policy in recent years, electricity sector around the crest, trough, the average zone fare. As the electric heating boiler of green environmental protection, the relevant parameters met the requirements of the state.


1. The power cabinet and control cabinet of electric heating boiler shall conform to the provisions of GB/T14048.1, GB/T5226.1, GB7251.1, GB/T3797 and GB50054. Power cabinets should be set up a clear and effective breaking device, the control cabinet should be set up an emergency stop button. The selected electrical equipment should meet the requirements of dynamic stability and thermal stability in short circuit condition.


2. The boiler shall be installed according to the provisions of pressure, water level, temperature and other safety operating parameters of the indicator.


3. Electric heating boiler shall be equipped with voltage meter, current meter, and should be equipped with active power meter or double rate active power meter.


4. Water supply automatic control device for steam boiler.


5. Automatic control device for the boiler to set up its electric heating element grouping and putting into operation and grouping out operation.


6. Load automatic regulating device for boiler. When the steam pressure of the steam boiler exceeds or falls below the set value, the water outlet temperature of the hot water boiler exceeds or falls below the set value, the control unit should be able to use the boiler input power automatically to reduce or increase.


7. A pot of steam (gas) boiler water interface should set water protection device. When the boiler water level is lower than the water shortage protection level (or limit low water level), the power supply of the electric heating element is cut off, and the alarm signal is sent out, and the operation of the electric heating element is restarted.


8. Overpressure protection device for pressure boiler. When the boiler pressure exceeds the limit, the power supply of the electric heating element is cut off, and the alarm signal is sent out, and the operation of the electric heating element is restarted.


9. The metal shell of the boiler and the power cabinet, the control cabinet or the metal element with the potential live metal and the grounding end should have a reliable electrical connection, and the connection resistance between the power cabinet and the ground terminal is not more than 0.1. The grounding end shall be of sufficient size to be able to withstand the maximum ground current that may be generated. Boiler and power cabinets, control cabinets shall be marked on the ground end of the main grounding symbol.


10. Electric heating boiler should have enough electric voltage withstand strength, should be able to withstand the cold state voltage 2000V and thermal state voltage 50Hz, 1min 1000V voltage test, no breakdown or flashover phenomenon.


11. The electric heating boiler shall be equipped with over current protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, over voltage protection and short phase protection.


12. There should be no flammable, explosive, corrosive gas and conductive dust in the surrounding environment of electric heating boiler.


13. Boiler fireman independent operation should hold the corresponding level of the boiler operation certificate, and shall after the relevant electrical knowledge and operational requirements of the training.


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