14MW Gas&Diesel Hot Water Boiler in Shandong

Mode: Gas &Diesel

Capacity: 14MW

Application: Community heating

This community is built outside the scope of municipal central heating, where the heating pipeline does not cover. However, considering the living environment of the residents in the community, the developers decided to use their own heating for the supporting boiler room in the community. We were lucky to get the project.

From the site selection of the boiler room to the construction of the boiler room to the laying of the boiler pipes, we are all involved in the whole process. In large-scale boiler engineering, the location selection is very particular. The construction of the boiler house requires a high degree of professionalism. After the completion of the whole project, the design institute and the person in charge of the real estate project are full of praise for the project when they come for acceptance.

Now the district has been heating normally for 2 years, and the occupancy rate of the district is very good. This hot water boiler plays an important role.

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