50×10^4 Kcal/h Diesel-fired Thermal Oil Boilers in Ecuador

Mode: Diesel Fired

Capacity: 50×10^4 Kcal

Application: Chemical Materials

There are many chemical plants that need diesel-fired thermal oil boilers. So what kind of enterprise needs? The chemical reaction needs to be heated at about 300 ℃. The effect of organic heat conductor is that it can transfer the same temperature as steam, and the heat-carrying performance of organic heat conductor is better than steam.

This enterprise is a new enterprise, the production line can not be separated from the boiler, under comprehensive consideration, the selection of diesel-fired thermal oil boiler. The owner of this enterprise is very independent. When contacting us, he has calculated the boiler output required by the factory. Call for this boiler. The use of diesel fuel, because diesel fuel in their country is very cheap!

According to the requirements of customers, we chose Alibaba's SINOSURE order in the transaction process. Now the boiler has been in operation for 3 years. During this period of time, we often kept in touch with our customers, who spoke highly of our products and services. He introduced a friend of his clothing factory to us, and now he has cooperated with us.

EPCB hopes that the heat transfer oil boiler provided to you can save you more energy costs, save more labor costs, and make you and your enterprise more competitive.

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