250×10^4 Kcal/h Best Wood Pellet Fired Thermal Oil Boiler in Indonesia

Wood Pellet Fired Thermal Oil Boiler in Indonesia
Wood Pellet Thermal Oil Boiler in Indonesia

Mode: Hot Oil Boiler

Capacity: 250×10^4 Kcal/h

Application: Palm Oil Plant

The process of palm oil plants using best wood pellet fired thermal oil boiler is mainly in the oil clarification and secondary clarification section, and the refining and extraction section.

In the oil clarification stage, the conduction oil boiler heats the crude oil to facilitate the separation of palm oil and fiber in the crude oil. After centrifugation, the oil is dried by vacuum or heat and then stored. The sediment will be subject to secondary clarification.

Fiber separation section: the press cake is separated after crushing, and the fiber will be sent to the heat-transfer oil boiler room for fuel.

Refining and stripping section. By using the different gasification temperature of palm to refine, the soft ester and stearin can be separated, and these processes are inseparable from the heat-transfer oil boiler.

We also learned a lot about the palm oil production process in this project. The engineers who went to guide the installation also marveled at the company's palm farm layout. It's very reasonable!

The reason why this customer recognizes our boiler is that our entire boiler system is fully integrated into the palm oil production line he has built.

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