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A Failure Boiler Buyer Tell you How to Select a High Quality Industrial Boiler2016-10-21 14:24:19

As a buyer of a textile factory, I do the purchasing work for about ten years. During these years, I met different problems when purchasing, especially on boilers. Boiler is an equipment significant affect the work efficiency, while I have bought two poor boilers, one is horizontal coal fired steam boiler, we cannot get enough steam, and the grate is easy to fracture. Another one is a water tube boiler, the tube is usually overheated and it is very easy to deformation because of the unqualified water. So, based on my experience and large research, I conclude some methods on how to select a high quality boiler.


Many boiler users including me have many confusions before buying a industrial boiler, for example: security issue, price issue, and fitness issue. Usually, we do not know very well about boiler industry, the quality on boilers and boiler manufacturers are various, it is hard for us to judge exactly whether the quality of the boiler is good or bad. Sometimes, we buy high quality products based on quality, we think low price boiler might means low thermal efficiency, short working life and poor quality. However, high price is not equal to high quality, some boiler suppliers take advantages of the mentality "no good goods cheaper", to increase the price intentionally to cheat customers. Moreover, we might buy a really good boiler but not fit for us.


Then, how to select a high quality boiler that suitable for us exactly?


1. The quality of industrial boiler is based on design, manufacture and inspection, these should based on the national "steam (hot water) safety and technical supervision regulation" strictly. So, when buy a boiler, choose the boiler company firstly. Usually, the famous brand boiler manufacturers have long histories. They pay more attention on the quality inspection to ensure the boiler quality, or it will affect the company’s reputation. In case of buying an unsafe and low quality boiler, it is better to choose the famous brand boiler manufacturer, visit the boiler manufacturer and test the boilers.


2. When do the test, check the boiler performance, and performance test report. For example, if you want to choose a energy saving and high thermal efficiency coal fired boiler, the first method is to check whether there is smoke emission from chimney, especially the black smoke. If there is smoke, the boiler will not save coal fuel, and the thermal efficiency is likely low, also, it is not environmental protection. Otherwise, there is no smoke because of the dust remover, it is green, but not energy saving either. Second is to check whether there are too many coal slag, if yes, it means combustion is not sufficient, it is better to give up it.


3. Choose the suitable model. There are three kinds of boiler models: fire tube boiler (shell type),  hybrid fired and water tube boiler, and water tube boiler. The first two types are fit for the small capacity boilers, which can offer small capacity steam, there is no requirement for water quality. The water tube type is fit for the large capacity boilers, it is no limitation on capacity and pressure. Generally, water tube boiler has higher combustion efficiency, and higher requirement for water quality. So, boiler users should choose boiler model based on the required steam capacity, pressure, and water quality, etc.

4. Before receiving the boiler, double check the documents supplied by the boiler suppliers, the qualified documents should include:

1) Boiler drawing (general drawing, installation drawing, and the main pressure part drawing)

2) Strength calculation sheet of the pressure part.

3) Calculation sheet of safety valve emissions.

4) Boiler quality certificate (including warranty hang tag, quality certificate of metal material, quality certificate of welding, hydrostatic test certificate).

5) Boiler installation instruction and operation instruction.

6) Design change notice on the pressure parts.

These are only some of my suggestion on how to select a high quality boilers. This time, I bought a new horizontal coal fired boiler from EPCB Boiler, the engineer told me that the periodic maintenance should be done, or there are still many problems no matter how good quality of the boiler.


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