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Boiler Room Design Requirements2016-10-11 10:11:25

1 Boiler Room Location Arrangement


1.1 The selection of the boiler room location shall be determined by the following factors :( after abbreviated)

1.2 Boiler room should be as separate buildings.

1.3 When the boiler room and other buildings connected or in its internal settings, the setting is strictly prohibited in crowded places and a layer, a next layer adjacent position of important sectors, as well as the both sides of main channel and the evacuation. It should be set in the ground floor or the basement layer by building exterior parts.

1.4 In residential building, the boiler room should not be set.

1.5 The boiler room of using pulverized coal boiler should not be set up in residential areas, scenic spots and other major environmental protection areas.

1.6 The boiler room of circulating fluidized bed boiler should not be set in a residential area.


2 Boiler Room, Auxiliary Room and Living Room Layout


2.1 The setting of the inlet of the boiler room must be in accordance with the following provisions:

1) Access should not less than two entrances. But for independent boiler room, the total length of the furnace is less than 12m, and the total construction area is less than 200, which the can be set one entrance;

2) Non-independent boiler room, the staff entrance must have 1 straight through the outdoor;

3) With multi-layer arrangement, the personnel entrance and exit of boiler room each layer shall not be less than 2. On the floor of the staff out of the entrance, there should be a direct access to the ground safety stairs.

2.2 Boiler room door that access to outside should open to outdoor, boiler room of the door of the work or life through boiler rooms should be to the boiler room open..

2.3 The clear height of the boiler operation place and channel should not be less than 2m, and should meet the height requirements of lifting equipment operation. In the top of the drum, economizer, and other parts of the heat, when does not need to operation and prevailing, the headroom height can be headroom 0.7m.


3 Civil Engineering Requirements


3.1 Boiler room fire hazard classification and fire resistance rating shall meet the following requirements:

1) Boiler room shall belong to class D boiler production plant, a single steam boiler rated evaporation to 4t /h or an individual hot water boiler rated thermal power greater than 2.8Mw. Boiler room building fire resistance rating of not less than the secondary fire resistance rating; a single steam boiler rated evaporation amount less than or equal 4t /h or an individual hot water boiler rated thermal power less than equal 2.8Mw, boiler room building fire resistance rating of not less than level 3 fire resistance rating.

   In other buildings within the boiler room.Refractory level between the boiler should not be lower than the secondary fire resistance rating

2) between the heavy oil tank, pump room and the room heater and light diesel oil tank and pump room,the boiler room should be Class C production plant, its construction should not be less than secondary fire resistance rating, those room are arranged in the auxiliary boiler room, the firewall should be set apart from other rooms;

3) Gas regulator should belong to Group A production plant, its construction should not be less than two fire resistance rating, firewall should be set up between the boiler room and boiler housing adjacent surge to separate the boiler room. The doors should open outwards and shouldn’t direct access to the boiler room, the ground should be non-sparking floor.

4) Boiler room walls, floors or roofing, should have corresponding explosion-proof measures, and should be equivalent to the boiler room area of 10% of the area of pressure relief, pressure relief direction is not directed to persons gather place, rooms and walkways, nor adjacent to relief at these places. Boiler room underground silo explosion method, net cross sectional area of the shaft, should meet the requirements of the pressure relief area.

   When the pressure relief area can't meet the above requirements, can be used in the erection of the wall and top (ceiling) of boiler room metal explosion by linking piece as a supplement.

   Note: The pressure relief area may be windows, skylights, quality or less 120kg / m2 lightweight roofs and walls and other weak area included.

5) The fuel gas boiler room, boiler room and auxiliary room adjacent to the wall, the firewall should be arranged; the door should be first class fire door; in the boiler operation plane opened glass observation window, the fixed window has the capacity of explosion resistance should be used.

3.2 When the boiler room has a multilayer arrangement, boiler foundation and ground floor seams should take measures to adapt to the Settlement.

3.3 Boiler room should be set aside by the largest equipment installation hole transporting, install windows and doors can be combined with the hole or holes provided at the load-bearing walls.

3.4 Boiler room column spacing, span and interior floor to the top of the column height, meet the technical requirements under the premise should be consistent with existing national standards "harmonized standard factory buildings modulus" GB50006's.

3.5 Boiler room equipped mill, blowers, pumps and other heavy vibration equipment, vibration isolation measures should be taken.

3.6 Equipment around the hole for hoist, slagging characteristics, ash and slag pool and high platform, protective railing should be set.

3.7 Chimney and flue connections, should be set settlement joint.

3.8 Walls of Windows that open area outside the boiler room, with the exception of pressure relief requirements should be met, should also meet the ventilation and lighting requirements

3.9 Boiler room and other adjacent buildings, its adjacent wall should be the firewall.

3.10 Health facilities design boiler room living room should be consistent with existing national occupational health standard "Design of Industrial Enterprises hygiene standards," the relevant provisions of GBZ1.

3.11 Platform and escalators should choose not burning antiskid material.Operating platform width is not less than 800 mm, escalator width should not be less than 600 mm.Platform and escalator clear height should not be less than 2 m. The steel ladder often used slope shoulds not be more than 45º.


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