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Condensing Boiler2016-10-10 16:09:30

Condensing boiler can recover the latent heat of steam in flue gas whose amount is related to the type of fuel used by the boiler and the outlet temperature of the boiler. Without condensation recovery unit, the gas fired boiler efficiency is 90% calculated according to the low calorific. Then with this condensate heat recovery unit, the flue gas temperature will drop to 30~50℃, now its thermal efficiency will be increased to 103%. If the fuel consumption is constant , the lower the backwater temperature of heating system is, more heat the condensing heat recovery unit can recycle. Thus the the thermal efficiency of boiler will be much higher.


The main heat loss of the boiler is the heat loss of exhaust gas, and the smoke exhaust temperature of the common gas boiler is not less than 110℃. This is absolutely a kind of waste. Based on this, the exhaust temperature of the condensing boiler can drop to 55℃, absorbing not only the sensible heat in the flue gas, but also the latent heat of vaporization water of the natural gas combustion. At present, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is calculated by the low calorific value, although the thermal efficiency is higher in the name, the actual energy utilization rate is still to be improved because the high natural gas and low calorific value has a difference of 10%. In order to make full use of energy, reduce the exhaust gas temperature, and recycle physical energy in flue gas, when the heat exchanger wall surface temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the flue gas, the water vapor in the flue gas will be condensed and release latent heat. The difference heat of 10% between the low and high calorific value can be used effectively.  
Fuel combustion will produce a large number of CO2, NOX and a small amount of SO2. These substances will be emitted into the atmosphere which will cause the greenhouse effect and acid rain, the destruction of the environment. At the same time of producing water vapor, the condensing boiler can remove the harmful substances in the flue gas, so it is very important to protect the environment.   


1、Exhaust gas waste heat can be cascade utilization to fully improve the efficiency of the boiler
2、Low exhaust temperature; thermal efficiency more than 100%
3、The harmful gases in the flue gas are effectively controlled, and will flow into the neutralizing tank with the condensation liquid
4、The boiler adopts full wet back type, corrugated furnace and the thread smoke tube structure etc.
5、With steam pressure, water level automatic control function and over pressure, water shortage, flame out protection chain

The core technology of condensing boiler is to reduce the heat loss of fuel combustion and absorb the heat produced by the fuel efficiently. At the same time, the harmful substances in the smoke are collected into the condensed water by the condensation of smoke, which reduces the discharge of acid substances and other pollutants into the air.


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