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Corrugated Tubes and Low Temperature Pressure Vessel Simple Introduction2016-10-10 16:11:38

Corrugated Tubes

In petroleum and chemical industry process uses lots of heat exchanger, which normally account for 30% of the equipment investment. The heat exchanger that with bow shaped baffle plate structure is about 80%, due to the structure its effect is low and shell side resistance increase. 

In order to save energy and reduce emissions, heat exchanger must strengthen the heat transfer process. That is need heat exchanger to transmit as much heat as possible at unit area and unit time and reduce energy loss in transmission process, which is more reasonable and effective. There are three ways used to strengthen heat transfer: increase the heat transfer coefficient, expand unit heat transfer area and increase heat transfer temperature difference, and the most effective way is to improve the heat transfer coefficient. 

At present, based on the shell and tube heat exchanger corrugated tube is used to replace light tube as the heat transfer element. Corrugated shape has corrugated pipe, scaling tube, etc.

From the Hydromechanics viewpoint, fluid velocity at the peak is decreased and the static pressure is increased, at trough is on the contrary. So that the fluid flow is continued under the repeated changes of axial pressure gradient, then produces the heavy vortex to brush fluid at the boundary layer which made thinning and improve the heat transfer coefficient greatly and thus to achieve the effect of heat transfer enhancement. 
Low Temperature Pressure Vessel Structure Design
Pressured vessel is easily brittle broken at low pressure. Before brittle broken vessel does not or only part of plastic transformed, but its vast majority did not appear overall yield phenomenon. The cracking of the low temperature brittle breakage is usually caused by the material defect, manufacturing defect, the geometrical shape of design structure or other stress concentration.

The following aspects should be taken into account when design low temperature vessels.

1. The structure should be as simple as possible, and reduce the degree of restraint parts welding. 
2. The structure of each section should avoid excessive temperature gradient.
3. Must to avoid the abrupt change of structure shape and stiffness to reduce the local stress concentration.
4. That the fillet weld formed by each part of components and attachment weld made by connect tube and shell must be ground to smooth transition at corners. The connect tube and internal flange end grinds to fillet. 
5. All the bearings that connected to containers are required to set plate to avoid direct weld to vessel shell. The plate material must the same as containers.
6. The connection between the container and non-compression parts or accessories should not be used discontinuous welding, must use continuous welding.


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