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Coal/Biomass Fired Boiler

This is a category of coal fired boiler and biomass fired boiler. It includes coal fired steam boiler, coal fired hot water boiler, biomass fired steam boiler and biomass fired hot water boiler. In addition, the boilers in this category also include two kinds of boilers, such as chain grate boiler and fixed grate boiler. The chain boiler is a kind boiler of front type furnace, and the coal combustion process is completed in the grate movement, so it has the features of the stable combustion condition, the high heat efficiency, the convenient operation, the low labor intensity and the smoke and dust emission concentration. The grate of the fixed grate boiler is strip or slab, it is fixed on the bottom of the furnace or combustion chamber according to the frame. In this grate type only periodically coal feeding and slag by artificial, so the labor intensity is very big. However, the fixed grate boiler is cheaper than chain grate boiler in price. 
The boiler is adopt single or double drum longitudinally arranged three return water fire tube structure, both sides of the furnace with light tube water wall tube. The structure design is compact and reasonable: large heating area, long flue gas flow, good heat transfer effect, low exhaust gas temperature, so the boiler has the advantages of the high thermal efficiency, low operation cost and more economical.

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