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Horizontal Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Is a kind of horizontal three pass chamber combustion boiler, wet back type fire tube boiler, this kind of boiler has the following characteristics: 1) Fully reasonable heating surface to ensure high boiler efficiency Using corrugated furnace, back combustion chamber, threaded pipe to strengthen heat transfer; making full use of the internal space of the drum to maximize the layout of the heating surface, so that the relative position is reasonable, so as to achieve efficient heat exchange. 2) Carefully designed smoke box to ensure its tightness When the boiler is micro positive pressure combustion, smoke box seal is not strict, it will not only smoke leakage smoke, but also cause a certain heat loss. Therefore, we add a heat shield, most likely to reduce the heat loss. 3) Advanced and efficient combustion device The use of international brand-name burner, automatic adjustment of combustion conditions, completely achieve low pollution, high efficiency combustion. 4) Reliable automatic control system and dual explosion-proof function Through the automatic control device, it can realize the automatic control of boiler steam pressure, water level, supply water temperature, return water temperature and other operating parameters, but also it can realize functions of the shortage of water, the over pressure and over temperature and abnormal flameout protection. At the same time of automatic explosion, we also set up the furnace outlet in order to achieve the dual explosion-proof explosion-proof door effect.

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