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Oil/Gas Fired Boiler

The oil/gas fired boiler is used oil and gas as fuel. In accordance with the fuel, the boiler can be divided into gas fired boiler and oil fired boiler. The gas can be natural gas, city gas, coke oven gas, liquefied petroleum gas and biogas; and the oil can be light oil (such as diesel, kerosene), heavy oil, residual oil or crude oil, and so on. The difference of oil fired boiler and gas fired boiler is the burner. With the gas fired burner is called gas fired boiler, with the oil fired burner is called oil fired boiler. According to the function, it can be divided into CLHS/CWNS boiler (including heating boiler and boiler for bath), LHS/WNS steam boiler and so on; according to the structure, the boiler can be divided into vertical boiler and horizontal boiler; according to the flue gas flow, it also can be divided into single return boiler and three pass boiler.
LHS vertical adopt the burner under the boiler combustion mode, the fuel in the furnace with micro positive pressure combustion, the spoiler is inserted in the smoke pipe, which can reduce smoke discharging speed, strengthen heat transfer and ensure the maximum heat surface from fuel combustion, improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler; WNS horizontal boiler is adopt all wet back type three pass structure, long flue gas flow, reducing exhaust gas temperature. The whole corrugated furnace design make the flame have a strong disturbance, increasing strong heat transfer coefficient and effectively preventing the metal the decrease of the equipment life due to thermal expansion and contraction; large diameter pipe and large hole bridge clearance let the boiler in equal time scale coating thin and easy to clean.

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