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Thermal Oil Boiler

Organic heat carrier furnace is a new kind of special boiler, also known as thermal oil boiler. The boiler has the advantages of low pressure and high temperature, the heating temperature can be reached 350-400℃. The production processes that need to uniform and stable heating, can’t allow direct contact with the flame and heating temperature between 150℃to 350℃ can use this kinds of thermal oil boiler, with high heat utilization efficiency. Due to the boiler overall installation, convenient operation and maintenance, so the thermal oil boiler is the ideal choice of safe, efficient, energy saving heating equipment. Low-pressure high-temperature hot media, convenient adjustment, uniform heating, satisfying the precise process temperature. Liquid circulation heating, no condensate discharge heat loss, high thermal efficiency.

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Qingdao East Power Industry Equipment Company was established in 2005, It covers more than 150,000 ㎡, including 100,000 ㎡ building area. Employees more than 500, including 106 engineering & technical personnels and 6 senior titles. The company has eight departments - Manager room, Technical Department, Production, QC, purchasing, sales, finance, office. It has eight assembly workshops: large membrane wall welding production lines with imported welder, large automatic beveling machine, plate bending machine with bending capacity of 3200 ㎜ × 1200 ㎜, CNC numerical control cutting machine, imported automatic welder, computer-aided design system (CAD) and more than 270 sets advanced production & testing equipments.


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