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The Maintenance of Steam Boiler 2016-10-21 14:27:59

I. Maintenance Methods

1. The feed water of the boiler must be qualified by treating, which is important matter to extend the life of the boiler and ensure the safety of the operation.

2. The temperature of the feed water should be close to the temperature of the boiler body as far as possible, and it had better be in more than 20 ℃.

3. Users should check the maintenance and cleaning of the low water level cut-off device. The water level controller is cleaned at least once a month, and the water level gauge is washed at least once a day. The water level should be in the highest water level when it is washing; after washing the water level should not be lower than the lowest safe water level. If it is not clean after washing once, it can be washed many times, but it must be washed at the highest water level.

4. The boiler needs to carry out a regular sewage operation. At least once a day (a class). After discharge of sewage, drain valve should be checked if there is a leakage phenomenon because of the effects of dirt. If there is, it should be removed.

5. When the boiler is stopped and doesn’t keep the steam pressure, the room of the steam boiler will create negative pressure and keep air in the body. So the main steam valve should be opened firstly when the boiler is started again.

6. If the ash is accumulated in the smoke tube, the smoke temperature will rise so that the efficiency of the boiler will reduce and the consumption of the fuel will increase. So users should regularly open the front and back door cover, and brush or blow the ash of the smoke tube


II. Shutdown Maintenance and Corrosion Protection

1. After shutdown, the boiler should be maintained to prevent corrosion of the boiler chamber.

2. Short term maintenance. Can use wet maintenance method: namely,  fill the boiler with water and exhaust all the air.

3. Long term maintenance. Adopt the dry maintenance method, namely, drain all water out of the boiler, open the bottom hand hole, dry the water left, and throw in desiccant through the bottom hand hole, and the desiccant should be replaced regularly. At the beginning, it can be checked and replaced once a month and later can be once three months. But it should be noted, before the boiler is started, users should be sure to remove all desiccant.

III. Monitoring and Maintenance

1. During the operation of the boiler, users should check the equipment once one hour, especially check the operation situation of the safety components and the rotating equipment of the boiler.

2. Users should make specific provisions about the project cycle such as the inspection, testing and regular operation of the boiler, and load the scene in the form of an icon.

3. The operation personnel fill in the record in time according to the situation of the inspection.

4. The site must be kept clean, and no debris, no fouling, no water, no grease. 


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