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Unique Advantages of EPCB Steam Generator2016-12-14 15:32:51

As a new type of steam generator, EPCB steam generator has the advantages that conventional steam boiler doesn’t have.


1. Security advantages :

The water volume of steam generator is less than 30L so that it is very safe to use. Even if there is an explosion, there will be no harm. So it can truly achieve a thorough "safe use" function.

However, according to calculations, if a steam boiler explosion occurs, the energy released by 100 kilograms water is equivalent of 1 kilogram TNT explosives. There are thousands of kilograms of water in the conventional steam boiler, and the explosion pressure is huge. And EPCB steam generator is only about 20 kg of water, even if there is an  explosion, the power is very small, so it is unlikely to hurt people.


2.Management advantages:

(1) The steam generator has a function of "produce steam within 3 minutes", so it doesn’t need to work early to open the boiler. And it can be opened or closed by the users according to their steam needs. It greatly facilitate the enterprise management.

(2) Combined with EPCB network control functions, the steam generator achieves a complete unmanned operation and reduce the requirements for operators of special work types.

(3) The steam generator does not belong to the category of boiler and pressure vessel, so users don’t need to have any dealings with government department every year. That makes the enterprise more free from worry.


3.Economic advantages:

(1) The combustion control method of EPCB steam generator is proportional control, it can quickly produce steam within 3 minutes without preheating. And it can adjust units automatically to produce steam according to steam demand of the users. The comprehensive energy saving is up to 30%. So it greatly reduces operating costs.

(2) Our steam generator has features such as automatic control, automatic operation, automatic discharge. So the enterprise doesn’t need to hire a professional certified fireman. It will help the the enterprise to save personnel costs.


4.Performance comparison:



EPCB Steam Generator

Conventional Steam Boiler

Water Volume



Start Time

Within 3 minutes

Half an hour or more


Safety, does not belong to the supervision scope of special equipment. As the water volume is very small, even if there is an  explosion, there is no harm.

There are security risks, belonging to the supervision scope of the national special equipment. As the water volume is big, if there is an explosion, there will be great harm.

Boiler room requirements

No requirements, can be put on the roof or the basement

Special boiler room, can not put the roof or the basement, covers an area of large.

Installation requirements

No need to put on record to government department before installing. Can be installed according to the conventional mechanical and electrical equipment and debug to use after connecting to the water, electricity, gas.

Need special equipment installation company when installing, need to put on record to government department before installing and need the acceptance test of special equipment inspection institute after installing,

Management staff requirements

Does not need someone to manage, save labor costs. Save about 150 thousand RMB(22388USD)of labor costs per year.

Nation forces to require the fireman who must hold certificate on duty. Generally need 2-3  people.

Equipment annual inspection

Does not require annual inspection.

Regular annual inspection per year, spend about 1-2 million for each annual inspection.

Environmental protection/emission

Patented rotary combustion technology, low exhaust temperature (average 110 ℃), low NOX content.

Conventional combustion,high exhaust temperature (250 ℃), high NOX content.

Initial investment

More than 50%


Operating costs

Operating cost is low, save gas up to 30%, can save gas cost more than one hundred thousand RMB(14925USD) per year.

The high cost of operation, need regular dosing, the annual cost is about 30 thousand RMB(4477USD), the thermal efficiency is lower.


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