Energy-Saving Technology of Steam Boiler in Petrochemical Enterprises

September 05, 2022

With the continuous development of society, the energy problem has become more and more prominent, and it has become one of the main factors affecting social progress. Therefore, in recent years, relevant international departments have paid more and more attention to energy conservation and consumption reduction, and have infiltrated and promoted this concept in all walks of life.


As far as the steam boiler is concerned, it has the disadvantage of relatively high energy consumption, and it needs to consume a lot of fuel in the daily application process to meet the production demand. Therefore, in order to promote the sustainable development of enterprises, it is very necessary to discuss the energy-saving technology of steam boilers, aiming to achieve the goals of energy saving and emission reduction while improving the application efficiency and promoting the sustainable development of enterprises.


EPCB analyzes the importance of energy-saving technologies for steam boilers based on decades of research on boiler applications in the petrochemical industry, and proposes specific energy-saving technologies based on the current energy consumption status of steam boilers.


The importance of analyzing and studying the energy-saving technology of steam boilers in petroleum and petrochemical enterprises

As we all know, in the stage of rapid economic development, the demand for petroleum energy in all walks of life has greatly increased. This social background has increased the competition of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises to a certain extent. Therefore, all enterprises have paid attention to the reduction of daily operating costs.


Steam boiler is a necessary equipment in the daily operation of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises. It has the disadvantage of large energy consumption, which not only increases the operating cost of the enterprise to a certain extent, but also completely contradicts the strategic goal of sustainable development. Therefore, petroleum and petrochemical enterprises can Use the steam boiler as an entry point. In-depth research on the energy-saving technology of steam boilers can not only achieve the purpose of reducing operating costs, but also greatly reduce the amount of fuel used in daily steam boilers, and promote the green and sustainable development of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises.


The current situation of steam boiler energy consumption

As far as steam boilers are concerned, it is a kind of special equipment widely used in various refining and chemical enterprises.

In the actual operation process, there are problems in energy consumption, such as relatively low thermal efficiency of equipment, lagging overall technical level, poor boiler operation load, lack of operation management level and energy saving concept.


1. For industrial boilers, its thermal efficiency can usually only reach 75% to 85%.


2. At this stage, the open-loop control method is applied to the steam boiler. This operating state cannot be reasonably adjusted based on the system load change as a direct basis. Some steam boilers do not even have complete instrumentation, so they cannot communicate their actual operating conditions and various data to the control room in a timely and accurate manner.


3. Many petroleum and petrochemical enterprises do not fully and carefully consider their actual load conditions during the installation and use of steam boilers, so they usually select and apply relatively large single-unit capacity.


In addition, to ensure the continuity of the application, there will be situations where two boilers of the same capacity are configured. The actual load of the steam boiler during the actual operation is often only half of the rated load, so there is a serious waste of primary energy.


4. Various petroleum and petrochemical enterprises often attach great importance to the safety of the use of steam boilers, but relatively ignore the energy consumption in the process of boiler operation, and have not formulated a comprehensive and systematic assessment mechanism and energy-saving management work system, which will cause the operation of steam boilers Management personnel seriously lack the concept of energy saving, which increases the operating cost of enterprises and causes serious energy waste.


Analysis of energy-saving technology of steam boilers in petroleum and petrochemical enterprises


The application of steam boilers by petroleum and petrochemical enterprises has the basic characteristics of a wide range of equipment, a large amount of equipment and a small average capacity. Usually, coal is used as a daily fuel. Therefore, the energy-saving technology of steam boilers must meet the requirements of daily production, radius protection and energy conservation of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises at this stage. The following aspects are discussed separately.


(1) Optimizing the combustion mode of the boiler

In the process of reforming the steam boiler technology, it is necessary to pay attention to the optimization of the combustion mode of the boiler, and achieve the purpose of effectively improving the combustion efficiency of the steam boiler by adjusting the air distribution of the grate and covering the furnace arch. Increase the heating area of the steam boiler to ensure the effectiveness of the boiler combustion. The use of frequency conversion motors and automatic water supply devices to improve the degree of mechanization and automation of steam boilers can fully meet the practical needs of daily production of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises at this stage.


(2) Adjust the important parameters of the boiler

Applying energy-saving technology in steam boilers under specific parameter conditions, reasonably adjusting the air volume, steam temperature, smoke exhaust volume, steam pressure, water level, etc. of the boiler, so as to achieve the purpose of effectively reducing the fuel consumption of the boiler, and under the conditions of rated parameters To achieve the optimization of working conditions. If the water level of the steam boiler changes greatly during the operation of the steam boiler, the steam temperature and steam pressure will be directly affected and fluctuate greatly, which will directly affect the boiler efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and continuity of feed water and influent water during the operation of the steam boiler, and always ensure that the water level is maintained at the normal water level line.


(3) Control the steam pressure and air volume of boiler operation

During the operation of the boiler, it is necessary to ensure that the steam pressure is always at a stable level, and it is always controlled within a limited range. The change of steam pressure of a steam boiler can reflect the relationship between combustion and evaporation. Therefore, the purpose of effectively controlling the steam pressure of the boiler can be achieved by reasonably adjusting the steam volume of the boiler. If there is a superheater installed in the steam boiler, it is necessary to strictly control the outlet temperature of the superheated steam. During the daily operation of the steam boiler, the air volume is adjusted reasonably based on the actual load demand, and then the air volume can be adjusted reasonably.

To ensure that the fuel reaches a state of complete combustion, and can achieve the best excess air ratio in the furnace. Thereby, the problem of increased energy consumption caused by incomplete combustion, exhaust heat loss, and the like can be solved. As far as the exhaust heat loss of the steam boiler is concerned, it is directly affected by the exhaust temperature, and the two are in a proportional relationship, that is to say, with the increase of the exhaust temperature, the exhaust heat loss of the steam boiler will also increase accordingly. Under normal conditions, if the exhaust gas temperature of the steam boiler can be reduced by 15℃-20℃, the exhaust heat loss can be reduced by 1% accordingly. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the rationality of controlling the exhaust gas temperature. If the temperature is too low and below the dew point temperature of the fuel flue gas, it is very likely to cause the phenomenon of ash blockage on the rear heating surface, and then the rear heating surface will be corroded, so the temperature must be adjusted Scientific and reasonable control.



As we all know, oil is one of the necessary energy sources in the process of social development. With the continuous progress of society, the demand for oil in all walks of life has greatly increased, and it plays an important role in the development process of various industries. importance.


The steam boiler is one of the necessary equipment in the daily production process of the petroleum and petrochemical industry. However, the steam boiler has the problem of large energy consumption, which is not conducive to the control of operating costs and the improvement of economic benefits. Therefore, the technology of the steam boiler should be optimized. While saving energy consumption, it improves its combustion efficiency and promotes enterprise development.

In a word, steam boilers are an important kind of energy conversion equipment that meets the practical needs of petroleum and petrochemical companies. If you want to choose a boiler for your industry, welcome to contact EPCB. We will provide you with professional advice and recommendations based on your specific requirements.

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